Professional DNA, Adoption & Missing Family Research

hands.jpg…Are you an adoptee and want to discover your birth parents?
…Were your parents unmarried and you’re not sure how to find them?
…Are you searching for an unknown or lost sibling?
…Would you like to reunite with a child you gave up for adoption?
…Have you received unexpected results from a DNA test and you’re not sure what to do?

Not knowing your parent, child, or sibling can leave you feeling like an incomplete puzzle.  You know that a piece is missing, but you don’t know its shape.  You long to see the complete picture.

In years past, it was difficult or often impossible to find answers to these kinds of questions.  However, recent advances in genealogical DNA testing have broken down many of the old barriers, making it not only possible but affordable to find long lost family members.

Today, many parents and their children, and even brothers and sisters, are being reunited using a combination of DNA testing and expert genealogical research.  Cases can now be solved even when adoption papers or birth certificates are missing or intentionally misleading.

How do I know?  Because I’ve not only found answers for clients, I’ve found them for my own family:

  • I correctly identified the father of a man born out of wedlock whose birth certificate named no father;
  • I successfully identified the father of a woman born out of wedlock whose father’s name had been falsified on her birth certificate;
  • I identified a New York man’s sister given up for adoption at birth, and located her adoptive family living in California;
  • I located a woman in Texas, missing for decades, who ran away as a teenager after learning she was adopted;
  • I uncovered the secret life of a client’s grandfather who had abandoned his family in Indiana when the client’s mother was just an infant;
  • I traced a New York man, whose daughter had not heard from him in more than 50 years, to his second family in Washington;
  • I helped an adopted woman discover what became of her biological parents and to construct her first family tree.

In cases like these I draw on all of my skills to help you make your family connection:

  • over 20 years as a professional genealogist reconstructing family trees and identities;
  • proven skills interpreting DNA results to discover hidden relationships;
  • hundreds of hours of experience finding relatives;
  • experience helping families make contact for the first time.

Not every case of unknown parentage or missing siblings can be solved, but the odds are better today than ever that answers are possible.

Are you ready to begin the search for your family?  Please contact me and tell me your story….

Let’s complete the picture of YOU!